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 What's in DezZNutzZ Treasure Chest?

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PostSubject: What's in DezZNutzZ Treasure Chest?   Tue Jan 13, 2009 5:04 am

1. Lv 1 sos sword =1.5m

2.Lv 32 sosun wrist =N/A

3.Lv 52 sos 2h sword=20m

4.Lv 52 sos 2h sword=SOLD!
Img N/A]

5.Lv 42 som bow= N/A

6.Lv 16 sos bow=4.5m

7.Lv 18 sos boots =SOLD!
Img N/A

8.Lv 42 sos 1h sword =6m

9.Lv 52 sos Euro shield =15m

10.Lv 42 sos Euro shield =SOLD!
Img N/A

11.Lv 24 sos glavie =SOLD!
Image N/A

12.Lv 24 sos glavie =SOLD!
Image N/A

13.Lv 43 sosun Euro talisman =25m

14.Lv 57 sos prot chest female =9m

15.Lv 72 garm wrist =SOLD!
Img N/A

16.Lv 24 sos ring =SOLD!
Image N/A

17.Lv 26 sos earrings =SOLD!
Img N/A

18.Lv 52 sos 1h sword =SOLD!
Image N/A

19.Lv 74 garm boots =SOLD!
Image N/A

20.Lv 64 sos staff =95m

21.Lv 75 garm head =SOLD!
Img N/A

22.Rudolph =N/a
15 Units

23.Dodging = 10k per unit
80 Units

24.Accessory Elixir =100k per unit

25. 500 HP scroll =200k per unit
146 Units
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What's in DezZNutzZ Treasure Chest?
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